Emerging Technologies

Our emerging technology approach focuses on identifying and targeting the appropriate landing zones for new solutions in large government organizations from the start, focusing on the mission requirement versus “technology for the sake of technology.” When technology solutions that significantly impact our customers are found, we wireframe and prototype these emerging technologies for mission delivery and effectiveness. 

As providers and developers of end-to-end IT solutions for government, we identify commercial and academic innovation and research that will have an enormous positive impact on current operations. We recognized that new cloud-based AI/ML services would soon be readily available in the same cloud runtime environments that our customers leverage as they migrated to secure clouds.

Strongbridge is an AWS and Microsoft partner for the AI/ML services they provide in their respective clouds. These emerging technology solutions bring an efficiency multiplier that is an order of magnitude improvement instead of an incremental increase. For example, with AI/ML, new market offerings provide services beyond the usual conditional software programming to make learned associations and detect patterns in data sets, saving significant human specialist time and labor.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS)