Cloud Migration

Strongbridge provides comprehensive cloud migration capabilities ranging from moving applications in their current architecture to complete re-coding of applications or components to fully leverage their new cloud environment. We have detailed, templated cost models for calculating the migration’s return on investment (ROI), as well as scaling cloud deployment architectures to help government customer systems scale automatically to nationwide or worldwide customer demand, leveraging billions of dollars of continuing competitive investment by commercial cloud service providers (CSPs). 

We apply our Agile development skills to provide cloud-native development for government applications, using the tools in secure clouds to rapidly develop, maintain, and deploy applications. Strongbridge delivers expertise by applying evolving services in each secure cloud ecosystem, using Agile development methods with cloud ecosystems as the runtime deployment targets, utilizing cloud services that can scale worldwide, monitoring the health of application components placed in secure clouds, and securing the cloud-deployed systems against attack.

Strongbridge holds partnerships with the two leading FedRAMP-approved cloud service providers (CSPs), Microsoft for Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, we have SMEs certified in each cloud ecosystem with both development and administration as well as operations-oriented certifications.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)