Our AgileBridge™ solution for providing DevSecOps services has two primary focus areas: building a collaborative culture of subject matter expert (SME) developers, security staff, and operations staff, all working together through Agile sprint cycles; and providing the team with a core set of tools that maximize the use of automation to extend the reach and efficiency of the Agile team. 

Strongbridge has unique expertise that applies DevSecOps to projects that include transforming legacy government systems into and moving mainframe-based systems (e.g., COBOL) to modern, secure cloud ecosystems. Strongbridge has applied DevSecOps in the fields of transportation and safety systems and systems supporting labor laws.  We are CMMI Level 3-certified in both software development (DEV) and services (SVC). These certifications create a development team culture with documented and stable software development processes, ongoing proactive defect reduction, and continuous process improvement.

The benefits of our DevSecOps solution are:

  • Providing software solutions that incorporate the multidisciplinary skills of developers, as well as security and administration staff, from their inception, making them quicker to build and more secure in their release state.
  • Having effective security requirements in the solution from the start (and throughout the entire testing portion of the lifecycle), increasing the resiliency and availability of the software for the mission. Security is the core of the design, not an afterthought.
  • Embedding the operations staff in the Agile team, making the deployment and administration of the solutions efficient and leading to high availability.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)