Big Data

Data and applications are two sides of the same coin, and our SMEs are skilled application builders to store, analyze, and report on the big data sets that we steward. Our cloud-native development skills are essential in leveraging the power and value implanted in the data sets.  We are experts in customers’ missions and understand the nuances in meaning of the collected data, especially in terms of government policy and statutory intent. 

Strongbridge has unique past performance in bringing together government and industry partners to create data interchange and definition standards that can cross all the organizations. Our big data solution covers the entire data lifecycle, including definition, collection, manipulation, extraction, transformation, loading, reporting and analysis, and compliance. 

Our cloud ecosystem partnerships for scaling, highly available services, CMMI Level 3 processes for data-focused application development, and cloud-certified staff  can optimally apply cloud services in our coded application solutions. For example, our staff has expertise in data regarding labor laws and safety, transportation laws, and vehicle safety.

Department of Labor (DOL)

Wage and Hour Division (WHD)